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Realizing that you’re too white for your brown friends and too brown for you white friends

how north indians describe south indian food:


"omg i love south indian food, dosa and sambar forever"

ooh look a dosa!


omg another dosa!


even more dosa!!

i love dosa so much!!!

iamyourahjumma This is me right


Whenever a teacher mentions India, everyone in the room just stares at me. Like what do you want me to do? Break out in Bollywood dance and make it rain samosas?

What Indian parents say to their daughters:

Middle School:Don't talk to boys.
High School:Don't talk to boys.
College:Don't talk to boys.
Age 22:Don't talk to boys.
Age 23:I think it's time for you to get married.


naruto is ending this year

and for the first time

i don’t want to believe it


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